Join me, write my life out
Help us shed all force fed doubt
The trident night, it didn’t feel right
I really only wanted the dust in red light
None of this needs to come undone
Most of this has come undone
Loyal to a fault, that’s my fault
I don’t like losing things
Hang on so tight I lose things
I am always losing things
Me in me breaks down as opportunity rings
Tie me up and make it swing
Fire one, fire two
None of this feels right without you
At times I don’t know what to do
Oceans, waves, and whispers of dew
First sticks and sits on shoes
I knew the instant that I kissed her
Undercover fool in the rain, cycle back, I miss her
Perfume movies and palms bringing calm
Dark and light turned light and dark
Flying rugs, they’ve found their bark
Muddy rivers and waters and memories, so far
So far we’ve already come so far
Come again and again and
Sing about god at a table
God I loved that

And now a few days later
I realize there’s nothing left do but move on
No matter how bad I wish you’d come along
I went fucking crazy on of me
Got lost in the code and should’ve spoken
Not broken but, man. Hurt.
And there’s no anger
Connection was real and my dial got spun to wild
Went into hiding
Hiding leads to confusion, when all it is is seclusion
Try to sort me out so no one sees
That I was sailing raging seas
Drowning, more appropriately
Every day lately these eyes bring a storm
Rain falls, I get up
No coming back from that
Well, there is. But no bringing that back
Grounded and floating above the floor
Crush played as I smiled in, I think I fell in love
I don’t let that happen often
Confused by gold and silver, sun and the moon
Kurt and Sliver, Fathers and Mothers and tunes
Gargantuan feelings lept in so soon
Early on, shit on the floor and sleepin’ all day
Zooms in hotel rooms and top locks made me sway
Did you step in it?
I miss it
Remembering now, but it feels too late
I cannot, cannot, cannot repeat those mistakes
Found thrill and got schooled
I’m alright, I’m alright, I’m alright
It’s just a little tougher at night
What’s a patio hang without that palm?
She slammed the gas right as I stalled
If time ever comes around again
I pray to god we are still friends