Drunk and the Punk

Scratch a spider, frozen roast
Avocado on your toast
Shave a head and hold one up
Raven coffee, iced first cup

Gutter punk train dad
Out of place brainiac
Basketball bass note
In your face space goat

Dance in a diner in a desert
Shake it for some syrup
Flags and freedom streaking irony

Cowboys, Trumpers, and junkies
I guess…
I thought…
this place would be funky
People fly away on their birthdays

We were gonna make the most of this
I’ll make sure we make the most of this

Leftover Crack blasts from a farm
So much light inside of that dark
Tattooed fuse and mountain spark

Unstrung strings and vegan shoes
“Texas sucks!” – Drive-by review
Really? Rules? Medieval wig
Awful macaroni gig

Sucking blood and prison tats
Shave your face, remove your hat
Colorado, Santa Cruz
Recycling bin and swollen booze

Drunk still trudges, Punk is free
Black and white was you and me
One of these days we’ll start our band
Beyond the clouds destroyed by sand
We’d have blasted off by now
Cured it all and told them how

Dude. I wish you were around.

Not knowing what’s going on has gotten me this far
I say hi to your mom for you
and I know that you hug my ma too
I run a little late, but I’ll see you relatively soon
This piece of punk, and me?
We’ve got some work to do