Funny thing knowing what will happen
and not what’s happening
I suppose by it’d do it for me,
I heard it’d be the one doing it
I don’t do that.
Weird year makes more sense if that happened

Guess I hope it’s safe, crazy crazy things if true
If not, those things, they tried to make me crazy
A mask, come by, park back there at this time
Bring this, not that, this shirt, black hat
Get thrown around, it’s not real, but do it, it’s real
Get your ass kicked, no one around
It’s not hard playing with a narcissists mind
To me it comes naturally
And eventually they learn

Crazy thing going and stopping
Funny how the hardest part is starting
While the hardest part is stopping
Or the hardest part is keeping it going
Is there really stopping if it doesn’t start?
Why’s stopping hard if it never really got going?
Has it been going this entire time?
I have thousands of pages of words
and no idea what to do with them
I find an idea and I can’t find the time
or a sharpie
I have too many ideas and memories
and all the time in the world
Gotta keep it going
Or stop
I do believe I’ve started.
Wasn’t hard, just happened.

A book? A story? Five more weeks til glory?
So many so many pages
Follow me and you’ll be confused
But I’m used to it