Howling Words

7:25 the trees turn on
Lit up showing spine
Perhaps it’s time you move on

Near 7:27 a fountain breathes
Soft and slow release
I blocked out the exit

The dogs are barking again
Do you remember the words?

Around 7:30 the water flares
Bubble and burst creating color
Use these any time

7:59 two eyes look up
Signaling each guide
Send grace and patience, kindly

Soul of a poet flowing
Shedding skin to show it
deserves a little more right now

Wilding past palms, panic in his ears
Probably somebody watching
Amped hips sing, the feeling is Free
Bending golden strings
Bees swarm and sting the breeze
They’re dancing

I close my eyes before I paint the sky
Rinsing more of this

Eyes closed, soul flows
Nobody else is watching