In’s Perspective

Sooo, sleep is real? Is that true?
Last night I took a trip with you
We went here and we went there
And sat right down and cleared the air

Sooo, love is real? Is that true?
Highway cul de sac without you
I find them or they find me
And I get stuck and they get free

His name’s In, she goes by Out
In calls Out to beeping
What of it was dreaming?
Out’s called out for months

tiles, nieces, tables, pieces
smiles, sleeping, sunsets, leases
floored bed frame, thought they’d share the same

Sooo, dark is light? That is real?
Befriend old pain if we’re to heal?
We went up, and we smashed ground
To follow us, our only sound

Sooo, now was then? That was real?
Airplane holidays when we’ve healed
I write it down so I don’t shout,
“In’s not in, sir. In is out.”