Mr. Classic’s Pottery

Well. I shook on a runway one morning and that’s when it all warped to change
I’d dreamt of flying in New Orleans on a puddle with skateboards and frames
If years create discographies, those weekends compile the lost tapes
You can never go back in time, you can only sweep up some mistakes

They saw boy wizard skipping on grooved lines of joyous and ghosts
I was a circus freak flipping through what would flop most
If you’ve never followed wonder, can you tell me you’re truly engrossed?
I can’t promise I’ll show up on time
But I will be there every time that you host

Written hints of lavender in everything it seems
Ferris wheels shine when fair has healed futures once dreamed
This may be our only chance at this but is chance really a thing?
Best bet is to balm our consciousness
with evenings and thunder and swings

Or the moment will dissolve and overflow with
what it is you said
And the minutes you want back will drown with
what you really meant
Still when I see you, a pillow of wonder laughs bouncing my calmed head

All these bedtime reflections, they play with my mind and my facts
And the honest deceptions that soar with thought
when bored’s on crack
All the different directions we’d give if
we ever got back
Hey. We’re from a different time, would you cut us
a little slack?

So I kick my feet in the air and roll to my favorite
Bungalow vacation with the smoothest beach
I’ve ever seen
I know I once knew you, and you
were pretty, damn cool, and like a queen
Well, I’d still like to know,
so why not bring a taste of what it is you gleam?

When the one least expected to lift a prince down to his feet
Rose above and beyond and into the background like sleet
That’s when I realized the one least expected was me
So I held out my hand and the prince, laughing, said, “Finally.” (Yeah)

We roll out to the desert just to watch the moon distract the stars
We lay down in the valley
taking pictures of peaceful and cacti and bark
We whisper of mothers and ancient acoustic guitars
We ask questions about questions on futures and still miss the mark