Patched Eye

Dropped my eyes, sight can’t be found
Only see the distant sound

Lent my ears, hear can’t be found
Only feeling shaking ground

Seems it was sung, made cents, played Change
Seams bend undone, invisible starting over’s a pain
Grateful for the time
Some of my brightest shine, dark side moonlight
Evenings with wine, swells, unicycle drive bys
The pieces that went missing that probably still fit
Here these eyes can feel it

I don’t know what you mean
so I guess I’ll keep talking
I don’t know what you meant
so we’re probably done talking

Dropped my eyes, I can’t read words
So focus doesn’t Help or Hurt

Lost my ears, here is not heard
All I catch is static earth

Here, these eyes have heard it all
Here, those years have seen it all