Patio Wax pt. 2

A symphony sang through snores from behind
“Are you really sleeping? Yes”
That was the besst.
Alive for the first time in a while before being in
With eyes closed peacefully next to me
Candlelit symphony
She may have been listening, or dreaming
I wondered how she felt
Until that night I had a number, but now
between us?
I’ve lost count of all the cards we’ve been dealt
We are alive and come when we outlive our pain
What’s a storm but a movie in the sky
that brings freak filled true life hands on trivia night
Oh, a candlelit symphony

Those strings lead to happy and a ride to the tides where paper walls couldn’t stop nothin’
Melting, dripping bites, puzzles, long lost rhymes,
red lights, green eyes, what was u and who was i,
when to wear the Trek disguise,
who still sings Staind? And who does Alive?
What means good morning and what is goodnight?
is this press play, pause, skip, or fight?
Select Start
Oh, a candlelit symphony