Patio Wax pt. 3

Reflections from a tree where the best thing started
Paws found balance here
Sticks and discs, carefree and futures
Miss you, dog. That’s a yes from me, dog.
Talks with the dog pulling curtains from walls
It just feels like sex wasn’t how it felt at all
What I thought the feeling was from the one
without the balls.
She has magic and moon shine inside
We got entangled in our too wild rides
When I’m with her
there is zero I need to hide
Nerd movies and cameras and pies
Too many plans led to too much to we didn’t fly
Long gone now, but we don’t do goodbyes
and Oh
There were walks and talks of fighters and family
Laughs about things nobody else would laugh about
What is that?
We crossed in front of a black cat while it shat
Lights go out when we’re back to charged up
Unspoken calls spoken about, clues or beyond?
Where did you go? And how is your dog?