Projecting Sunlight

Trees blind to sunlight lies
Wise and kind, just resting their eyes
The moon likes to hide new sunshine
Roots soon feel the sun
Supple stains, no refrain
It’s something, they’ve been here before
Leaves projecting shade
Wait for gold to stay
Circumstances sway
And the wind moves, what’s the reason?

Grit propels
What happened?
Rain persuades change
Why the waiting?
Who cares, pay no mind, they’re voices
Moonlight feels what earth’s choice is

Lives bind to sunlight lies
Rise and grind, ignoring their eyes
A moon confuses italicized
Roots won’t walk or run
Dappling chains for tanks to drain
It’s simple, they’ve fixed this before
Moons projecting grey
Singing, “gold, please stay.”
Dance another day?
And the wind moves, what’s the reason?