Roly Poly Blues

She’s been guiding all along
She’s been singing this song
The breeze that unfurled the lost rolling
When and where did my mind get so wrong?

Rolled past tides and storms, hollow-wall-yell-hell
Stretched my shell so I’d walk well
Slept through waves and storms
shallow dreams, toughened seams
copper snakes and weakened knees

We’ll see

The one who keeps me moving
The one who stops the rolling
Finally fought through to find that
the timing wasn’t right

Shell up, steady rolling

Show Me
Work Me
Float Me
Night Me
Morph between these as I protect the Queen

She’s been warming desert frost
She’s been gathering good tossed
Calm lavender souls tap, they know me
When and where did my self get so lost?

Sandcastles dripped with grace
Thunder seeping light
Shell up, deep breath, rolling
Hearts and guts and what feels right