Second Sounds

Puzzle patio leans on a wall
Muse snoozes while helicopter hums
A genuine feeling that we’ve finally won
and that this one has just begun

Frustration smirks with fireworks
As though they have no clue
Skies explode for seemingly no reason
Just before I’m ready to

Magnets wrote of storms healing
Swore a devil left that one there
It’ll last, it’ll last, it’ll last.
What’s the past? What’s the past? What’s the past?
Sticking around when we always look back.

They speak to clouds and reach for proud
The way the pines admire the moon

Blackbox cards bring blindfolds out
A candle to ease the pain
We walk, we talk, he flips three boots
Olfactory, incoming rain

Mirror memories touch on a wall
Hanging, succulent, windchimes, a palm
Fake cowboy, the fountains, the wind
Hands and time, they find themselves.
Hands and time. Hands on time.
Seconds making sounds.