Spiral Hill

Above a spiral hill lean four benches

Two pieces alone blends the most me
Brings calm, one palm before red and blue
Black wagging
Like magic

Hip hop. Flip flop. Plant my face in the sea.
It’s clear you’re near. I feel peace hold onto me.

Soft talk. Hard rock. Mirror and storm.
Please steer my dear. Come hard, take your form.

Over and over, again and again.

A fool to bet on you?
Pull another loopy
The whistle is screaming
New Orleans is singing
On knees with the sunset

You deserve what you’re missing
To bring you what you’re missing
Coffee, breakfast, trivia, kiss me
Still, a whistle is screaming

Pieces alone
I soak the moment after it’s passed
Scratch, flip, turn around, hot wax
It’s back