Patio Wax pt.4

I don’t know when to stop or fight
We were and are the other, defiant, alive ones.
This song plays in my mind
I reach the end and it rewinds
Jazz softly hums and bends and grinds
A song stuck in my head
I slow it down, it skips instead
We see through all that’s been said
Time, gently dreaming, breathes in bed
I don’t know whether to stop or fight
Perhaps it is good night
Always been quick to the sleeping
I’d stay up, I still do, writing
Sometime after biting on life
Time heals
What happens when times not around?
Time knows where it goes, no fooling around
Jester joking foolery wound
Up and left and right and down
I don’t know whether to stop or fight
I miss tucking you in at night