Time Tapped

I turned from tadpole into man
I leapt from lilies and stomped tin cans
Hopped out the window and caught a ride
To this place called a different time

We rolled past memory once ignored
Turned down the volume and weighed a storm
Beyond the thunder, heard solid ground
and dripped into a softer sound

She drove me
She’s a queen
She drove me
Louder please
She drove me to or from distant memory

Or somewhere out there, somewhere
In here. I’m here. You here? How do you hide?
Smoothest sundial fantasy
Oh my what a ride

I dreamt of seconds and warm hands
I snapped me like a rubberband
I shot down lightning and torched the scene
Then told me it was all a dream

We woke up in a different town
The clouds were hanging upside down
Drank foggy morning sunset dew
as time tapped gently on my shoe