Paintings of Ladders

A brand new start
Take better care of our heart
Beyond the moat and walls and halls
Past kings and queens with diamond rings
Down stairs, under ladders, above a painting
To us, it’s everything.

They all jump in line alphabetically
They all follow anything pathetically
Rain throws elbows
Clouds crack smiles
We fly wide-eyed to storms and battle

What about time? It’s about time
What about time? Feelings sublime
The train rolls this way at the end of some day
Armored, looking out
Windows without doubt

A brand new fold
Feed a little kind to our soul
Beyond the skin and bones and thrones
Past jokers joking through real things
Up ropes, over evil, into a painting
For us. It makes us sing

They all jump in line numerically
They all follow anything, beware they’re thieves
Light shines bright
Cracked glass smiles
We fly wide-eyed through storms and battle