Patio Wax pt. 5

Knocked it off my mind
And it fell right in
So it’s all competition
A cloud composition above a bridge
Cursive perspiration pastes
We crawled and flew and stopped the race
Rain throws rainbows, elbows, you know
Dogs they name Beau get lost in love though
There’s no competition
Stick with it
I’ve missed it
I’m with it
Perspiration, taste, grace, faces us
Mirrored, me and you, as I tap on my shoe
Inside of clouds sleep portraits of giants
Awakened by billowing echoes of lions
We crawled, drove, walked while he was flying
A cloud composition of sentences thrown
I gotta get that out of my head
Get over that and under them
Unknown cursive perspiration spells “love”
Framed giants rise to rival kings, drop gloves
to write a story on the sheets of clouds
they once dreamt in
Clouds that fire up before moonlight takes its toll