Waiting On A Bagel I Never Ordered (Diane’s Macchiatto)

Stood looking at me
She’s looking at me
It’s early, got early, too early for me
That and I’m
Oh my what a morning
That and I’m
Early for me
Must be waiting on the spread
That and I’m
Sipping something sweet?
This. What? I’m
Drinking someone else’s coffee
Oh. I can’t put it back
Oh. I’m not sure how I saw me there
Written “Diane” right here, clearly there
That, now I’m
Drinking something sweet
That and I’m
Waiting on a bagel
That and I’m
Not early for me
That and I’m
Walking to my car
That and I’m
Sipping someone’s coffee
That and she’s looking at me
That, then I look at a screen
That, and I didn’t order
That. I guess I confused me.
Ground beans. Bagel. Shit. Never ordered
So I decided to leave
Currently looking at me