Sits on silver stained by strangers at the gate
Little more than melon water for the wait
A banana for the air
One’s sweet
If I had everything, you’d be here with me

Clocks and countdowns can’t see candles suddenly
Airplane chats of childhoods and magazines
Little candy in the air
Two seats
I’ll never see him again, you wrote about me

Wandering, not looking, knowing
Never been here
Find you like a pro
Little lady dance this way, it’s well past time we go

Why would you leave that?
What if you leave that?
Would you believe that?
Could you come and get this?
When do you see that you need to leave that?

Universal undertones smile under marquees
Long distance sentences breathing beneath
Mountain smiles signal flare
Three feet
If I had the world, you’d be here with me

Phone call fall-in looming gracefully
Seconds skipping decode restful pleas
Revel in desire there
For weeks
I’ll never see him again. You wrote about me