Patio Wax pt. 6

It was something
It was something
It was more than something
It was it all for a while
A smile struts across the avenue in my mind
Every once in a while
Not all the time for a while
It was something
A lot more than something
Been with me all day
Some things won’t sway or stay
It was something
A dream of more, reality, maybe
Coffee talks with informants
Hear what More meant
Gone, it was something
Quiet, it was something
Silence, it was something
Went crazy, it was something
Come around it is something
I only know one thing
Can’t follow my head or my heart stings
It was something
Ties and licks and clean up quick
Dogs and quotes and where does it come from?
Out of thin air for a day
Sleep this dream away
If only things would stay
It was something
It was so much more than something
One thing, lost it again
Couldn’t comprehend, distorted amends
It was so much more than something
Back, lost me enough to never lose me again
It was something
So much more than something