Made our way to LA for the music box
Sober down the street
Saw history, signs, I’d heard stories
Pawn shop, porn shop, church/museum
Pawn shop, porn shop, church/museum
Boulevard stars lined cars lined up for nothing
And walking, I fell in, reception
From the front desk, one eye breathing on me

It said boy move right this way
You like that? You’ll love this
Forget the things you have dismissed
You’ll love heaven sent messages and everything I say
I see his right eye to this very Sunday

Hidden door code, electricity
Threw it in, locked some up, left the rest of me
Cartoon tales of this man
College roommate trash can
Nonsense filtered into faith
Watch the film, you’ll lose the race
Sit right here, he sat right there
Over here, flip the switch
Sit and watch a movie, bitch
I am smarter than you’d believe
Open this wall and let me leave
Roll the credits, or up my sleeves
This is weird
You gassing me?

And explain explanations please.

Fifty dollars for the book.
Of recipes real wouldn’t cook?
Laughed at him and gave the look
It’s a shame that you got shook
I am out, a bite to eat
And tasty musical receipts

We saw god that night
Singing strings and balconies