Purple Kite

Near a thousand pages and what to show?
A million little pieces of I don’t know

Someone bring me flowers, or things I like
A chunk of melon or a simple purple kite

Encyclopedia of words, once making sense
Now lustered, left, confused with lament

Someone bring me comfort and things I like
A bliss jam, blanket, and a summer dress night

Nobody reads this shit anyway
No one understands what you are
You can’t do everything, and you do it
Is anybody still reading these?
Did anyone ever at all?
What were you really thinking?
You said nothing at all
I wrote all the letters
You confused the calls
Nobody gives a shit anyway
Sing it from the rooftops
Confusion rang for a year
Dosed by the most and left to sort it out
Boy, you’re almost there
Man, that was a scare

Didn’t do a lot but we got a lot done
Never thought we lost, so looking back we won