Dappled Sleep

Drifting quickly towards a snack
One step, two step, put it back
Nights these days I can’t decide
So I curl into a dream to hide

While I’m there I’m with my friends
And fun and time? They never end
We zig and zag and talk all night
We wonder why we’d ever fight

Do you remember dapple?
Do you remember bees?
Do you remember I was you and you were me?

Do you remember Bisbee?
Do you remember walks?
Do you remember calling me just to, just to talk.

In the trees near ocean waves
Past buried mountains and floating caves
We dive and laugh with our past lives
And see with ears and hear with eyes

With no secrets left to keep
We smile and breathe and fall asleep
And then comes morning, I awake
And next to me, a slice of cake

Thoughts coming back to me
Lots coming out of me
What is real and make believe?
What happened while I was asleep?