Shuffle Deck

Twirling whirling the world in me sings a soft song
I go when she knows she’s dropped in a crime
Fall asleep just to love you, they say anything
A card in the deck and a life on the line

Midnight dress red lips to impress
Heels that shine that day was good night
Storm brewn eyes holistic lies loving smiles arrive
Greet with teeth in necks having second thoughts
About nothing

Close it down top lock take it off drop down get up
Come around again

Heard of burdens that burrow in heart and thought
She knows when I know it’s over it’s time
Say it all just to get you, they’ll do everything
Shuffling a deck and committing a crime

Mystery or magic the memory fades, it decays
Rising some days singing come back or stay away
It was magic, it was jazz
Memories I’ll always have
Confusion leads to lose it overdo it
It’s overdue it’s time