Would et al.

I would bring you laughter
I would bring the ball
I would bring you the whole world
or everything at all

We would make us happy
We would fly past moons
We would plant the very first seed
of any thought we knew

This crystal ball I call my head
It starts to shake while I’m in bed
I see a voice and fall asleep
My crystal ball rolls through the deep

Crystal ball calling, called it
Said it got said, it was said when you said it
I have slipped in the sand
You have stepped on my hand
Crystal ball rolls, rolling away
Crystal ball balling another day
Said it got said, it’s driving that day insane

I would drive past ice cream
I would drive through walls
I would drive you everywhere
for anything at all

We would paint the city
We would torch the town
We would carve out ocean floors
perfecting patient sound